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Beta 1.0 Coming Soon! (Last chance to buy at Alpha price)
I am working on finalising the Update to Beta 1.0 now. Expect to see it as soon, University work permitting. Once it is realised, access to the latest build wil...
Big Update Inbound, Stay Tuned!
After much silent development, a big overhaul for Orbits: The Sandbox is inbound, at which point it will be transitioning into a paid title. Anyone who has purc...
Stellar Locations
Here are a few of the brand new Stellar locations I mentioned. Brand new canvases on which for you to draw...
Alpha 1.10 - Massive Overhaul!
Gravitational Art Orbits: The Sandbox, has undergone a massive overhaul since the last update, with new features such as a complete UI redesign and audio-visu...
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Alpha 1.07
Hey everyone, Great to see so many of you downloading after that latest update, I hope you're all enjoying yourselves and having a chilled out time on Orbits: T...
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Alpha 1.06 - Exciting Changes
This update brings with it: The ability to symmetrically spawn objects, producing bizarre and wonderful gravitational art, well accompanied by a new, soothing s...
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Exciting Things
Exciting things are on the way, stay tuned for updates!...
A Fun N-Body Space Simulation for all ages.
Alpha 1.05
Reskinned the UI...
4 files
A Fun N-Body Space Simulation for all ages.