Alpha 1.06 - Exciting Changes

This update brings with it:

The ability to symmetrically spawn objects, producing bizarre and wonderful gravitational art, well accompanied by a new, soothing soundtrack. I've personally spent hours playing with this myself, I hope you enjoy it as much I have. 
This update also completely overhauls the physics engine responsible for calculating the forces in the scene. By utilising Newton's Third Law of motion, in that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,  I was able to cut the number of force calculations down to half their usual number, allowing for much better optimised play. 
A few more things added this update:

+You can now delete objects with the delete key
+Objects can now be positioned manually and precisely, enabling you to engineer your perfect system.
+The music no longer restarts upon resetting the scene, so no more jarring moments.

Let me know what you think in the forums, have fun and stay tuned for more.


Orbits: The Sandbox A1.10 73 MB
Version 6 Jun 12, 2018
Orbits: The Sandbox A1.10 96 MB
Version 3 Jun 12, 2018
Orbits: The Sandbox A1.10 77 MB
Version 6 Jun 12, 2018

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